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        Jiangsu Wujin Certified Public Accountants was established in December of 1988. The main policy of our company is “asks by the quality to survive, asks by the reputation to develop”. The CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) of our company always maintain independence, objectivity and integrity for our customers, which include social groups, state organization, business units, and any other financial organization, and private organization. The major services of our company are handling audits, verification of capital contributions, the assets valuation, the training of accountants, the capital construction pre-settlement audits, management of accounting consults and etc. With support of many people, the services of our company become better and better; the areas of the services become bigger and bigger; the quality of our services becomes higher and higher.
        Jiangsu Wujin Public Accountants have already done the successful services for Jiangsu Shinco Electronics Group Co., Ltd., Singapore (Wujin) Dazhong Steel Co., Ltd., Changzhou Falinuo Great Wall Welded Pipe Co. Ltd (France)., and other two thousand companies.
    In order to follow the fast develops of the economic of China, further implements of the requirement of Ministry of Finance and Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA) that is Service Companies should have higher scale, higher quality, and higher level, the main points of the services of Jiangsu Wujin Certified Public Accountants are “the quality is the first, the reputation is the first, and the service is the first”.
    Welcome domestic and international customers to come to our company to negotiate the financial services with us, and we will do our best to supply on you with our high quality financial services.    
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