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Name of the Position
Number of the expected employees
Requirement of the position
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • 10
    The requirements of the candidates who have the working experience for auditing appraises, auditing appraises of the financial institution are the first choice, because these candidates will be the department manager, general auditors directors, vice-general manager. The qualification of the education should be above diploma; the title of the education should be above middle level. And the ages are around 35 years old. If the candidates have the rich working experience and the customers, the requirement will be flexible.
  • Certified assets appraisers which include equipment, mechanical and electrical integration, real estate appraisers.
  • 10
  • Assistance of the Auditors
  • 10
    The requirements of the candidates should have certificates of the bachelor degrees; the major of the degrees should be the accounting management, international accounting, auditing, financial accounting, and accountant computerization.
  • The manager of the financial public relations department
  • 2
    The requirements of the candidates should have the certificates of the diploma degrees; have the excellent professional ethics; have at least three years working experience for financial management, business management, any financial institutions; have professional performance of speaking and writing. The expected employees who have the rich experience for the marketing development and financial public relations are better.

    Notes: please take your Qualifications Certificate, Title Certificate, Degree certificate, and Resume to the general manager office.
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